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Blind Wine Marketing

Marketing are those costs and efforts wineries have to absorb to move product. The objective is to maximize true value. The less you spend on effective marketing, the better. More money for other stuff, like oak barrels or keeping your … Continue reading

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Rocket Science – WineMatch Publishes Wines on Release Date!

It’s so funny to look at the current rating model sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, it served its purpose and well, as did Zodys, Kmart, White Front, BlockBuster, Mervyn’s and countless others. They do have one thing in common. They … Continue reading

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Why Publish Wines under 88 Points?

Some things simply baffle me more than others. I always look for the cost/benefit equation that drives my various businesses. I figure people want to be in the know and always be ensured of value for the dollar. That makes … Continue reading

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Paso Robles Wineries Review WineMatch . . . and WineMatch Loving Paso

As WineMatch embarked on its long-awaited Road Tour to spread the word and educate wineries about the benefits of being associated with us. What we came back with was nothing short of feeling privileged in being associated with such a … Continue reading

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Growing up, I remember the line “you can’t get hired unless you have experience”, and wondered, if you can’t get work experience, how exactly is that supposed to work. The same applies for small wineries, but in a different sense. … Continue reading

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100-point Rating System Obsolete – Leave the Castle and Get on the Bus!

We’ve all seen it. Things work for a while, then don’t seem to work as well, but it is simply because we have become more educated and better options are available. Examples of this might be as simple as the … Continue reading

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Like Dom Perignon… We’re Seeing Stars and More!

As the legend of champagne goes, when Dom Perignon first saw the wonders of the double fermentation of Champagne, he exclaimed “I am drinking the stars!” Here at WineMatch, we’re seeing stars in a couple of ways. As many of … Continue reading

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