100-point Rating System Obsolete – Leave the Castle and Get on the Bus!

We’ve all seen it. Things work for a while, then don’t seem to work as well, but it is simply because we have become more educated and better options are available. Examples of this might be as simple as the Thomas Brothers Map fading into black, or even today, I got a hardcopy of the Yellow Pages delivered. Some folks see it coming, others are victims of things moving ahead while the blinders are on.

It was Will Rogers that said “Even though you are on the right track – you will get run over if you just sit there”. We also should have learned something from Barnes and Noble, Kmart and Blockbuster. Bottom Line – Folks will always want more information and better technology to make better-informed decisions and product offerings, and will stop at nothing until they get it. The consumer is tougher and smarter than you think! Further stated, if you don’t provide what they want, they will find someone that will.

It seems at times businesses may have a lapse in thinking that the consumer rules supreme, but they are reminded when reviewing their financials that they may be falling short of the target.

Wine is no exception to this rule. Knowing what you like in a wine is tantamount to repeatedly selecting the proper wine. I have been asked time and time again, why I started winematch.com (formerly brixage.com). Here’s the story…

“Once upon a time, in a Castle in the Kingdom of Vin Rouge, the good King Edwin started liking wine, even more than beer in unwashed beer steins! This shocked him, but he soon realized than unlike that bottle-to-bottle consistency that existed in the beer market, wine was not to be viewed the same, as one was pleasing and the other clearly not. His royal subjects were part of this cruel test. He then called upon the “experts” in the other kingdoms, namely WineAdvo, WineEnthu, and WineSpect, only to find they did not agree on anything either! King Edwin then took 50 wines that all three other kingdoms had rated and had the royal abacus reader lay the numbers and descriptive data side-by-side. To his utter amazement, it seemed that they could not be all talking about the same thing! Numbers were often times far, far away from one another, and they weren’t using the same words. Perhaps a disconnect in varied kingdom dialects was to blame. Frustrated and sober, Edwin was not comfortable acquiring wine with such confusing data, he then started WineMatch.com, as he wanted to put information directly into the hands of his royal subjects, aka consumers.

King Edwin then decided to use the best of best practices and gather as much data and sanitize it before ultimately presenting it to the poor, confused subjects. He also saw the poor quality of searches and that consumers (remember, those folks ultimately are in charge) and that they were also cruelly made to pay for them. Outraged and still sober, a system was then created that used not one person, but multiple folks + calibrated and verified chemistry + winery-provided data to create a fingerprint-like unique set of data related to the wine itself. He then called this a “WineMatch Profile” as it looked at the different characteristics of wine more objectively than ever.

King Edwin was so excited, he decided to see if the system was repeatable – and it was! He then found people that could assemble the pieces and launched WineMatch.com, complete with Wine Information, Matching Wines, Deals, Events, Winery Info and a high-tech “push” methodology engine that gathers data and faclitates Winery-to-Consumer sell-through, maximizing value for the consumer and profitability for the winery as the middleman dragon was slayed in the process. As for the other three kingdoms, they are still confusing those that know not about WineMatch.com. Oh, and then King Edwin also invented the bus so he would have a place to put his logo!

And they all drank happily ever after!”

Someone, quick, grab me a tissue!


About misteredwine

Owner of WineMatch.com, Roundbrix.com, love wine, horses, things done right, my three girls and two boys, Paris and most things French, technology that works, Rogue River Blue Cheese, a day off!
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