Like Dom Perignon… We’re Seeing Stars and More!

As the legend of champagne goes, when Dom Perignon first saw the wonders of the double fermentation of Champagne, he exclaimed “I am drinking the stars!”

Here at WineMatch, we’re seeing stars in a couple of ways. As many of you know us as doing still wine, most of the wineries don’t know we’re doing sparkling as well. We had to think through the extra lab work to integrate those items specific to bubbly, like if you popped the cork, how far would it fly? Just kidding here, but really, we want to see more wineries submit these so we can provide more bubbly to the consumers!

The other type of stars we’re seeing has to do with our new system enhancement, which deals with looking at wines in their peer varietal group, and identifying those that standout from the crowd, showing great fruit and balance. Only about 20% of the wines get this elevated status. We only give one star here, as we’re not trying to create another rating system, but saying “Hey, this wine was impressive in its varietal category”. See the website to see what it looks like. Click on ‘browse wines’ and the stars start to shine!

When looking at matches, some may have stars, some may not, as star status is not a factor in the matching at this time. However, we do find most with stars match with others with stars so there is some great consistency here.

Starting in January, wineries can look for more from us including our WineMatch Road Tour, where we will demo and show wineries how the system works and how it can help them connect directly to the consumer. As a reminder to wineries, submitting a profile is still free through December 31st only, so you need to submit the wines this week.

For consumers, look for many more wines to appear as so many more wineries have come aboard. What is truly significant is the way we will deliver winery deals that are super and benefit the consumer and winery alike. Look for the mobile apps that will be coming out soon on iPhone and Droid.

We’re happy to celebrate New Year’s knowing that the bubbles will flow. Thanks to Dom, we too are seeing stars!


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Owner of,, love wine, horses, things done right, my three girls and two boys, Paris and most things French, technology that works, Rogue River Blue Cheese, a day off!
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One Response to Like Dom Perignon… We’re Seeing Stars and More!

  1. this is great! Love the enthusiasm thru your blogs. Your catchy phrases are well “catchy” you should look into placing an article with “Touring and Tasting” magazine fabulous writers over there!

    Thank your girls for their work, I’ve heard this morning the men at the winery “aw” over their looks 🙂

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