Leveling the Playing Field for Small Wineries

Growing up, I remember the line “you can’t get hired unless you have experience”, and wondered, if you can’t get work experience, how exactly is that supposed to work.

The same applies for small wineries, but in a different sense. The question is “Without spending a lot of money, how does small winery garner visibility alongside larger wineries to sell its wines and perhaps even grow?” In other words, if I want to grow my small winery to be a larger one, what marketing tools are available to me so my presence is on par with wineries much larger?

Well, now there’s a smart and simpler way for wineries to get the larger exposure without emptying out the bank account from money that should be going to oak barrels. allows all wineries to have a presence at no cost, and an extended presence for a small fee per wine. For no cost, wineries can add all their events and deals, which are searchable by the consumer. Wineries can also add a wine for free to take WineMatch for a spin as well. For a small fee of $65-$100 per wine, which basically covers our costs, what we give you next will amaze.

Before we get too far along here, we wanted to share that we present data not with a single number, but with a Profile Wheel that is simple to interpret. A single number really does not help the average consumer know whether or not they will like the wine, so we developed a multi-faceted system that combines multiple tasters using black ISO glasses, a high-end chem lab – calibrated and verified, and data provided by the wineries. In essence, we have created a kind of fingerprint for each wine we profile.

As wines are added, we give the consumer the ability to not only find your winery’s wine, but also add it to your favorite. Once your wine is in a consumer’s favorite, we begin to push only data the consumer asks for, which is based on what they place in their favorites and their particular tastes.

The thing to understand though, is we cannot recommend wines that we have not profiled and are not in our system, so the more wines a winery can submit, the greater are the chances we can match wines and make recommendations. We match wines on twelve to twenty points and that will continue to grow as we do. The more good data, the better and the more granular we can get. This ensures the consumer experiences are what they should be – good ones.

The real magic takes place once all current wines from a winery are added. This move gives a winery the maximum exposure to the outside world and maximizes our ‘push’ technology to the consumer as well. The more wine, the more matches, the more pushes, and the more wine sales.

Another unique item here is we facilitate Winery-to-Consumer (W2C) sell-through, where the consumer gets the best deal and the winery wins too! It’s really the way it should be!

For more information, either sign up as a winery on or call us at 949.273.5300. We’re here to help wineries grow and to let the consumer world know what wines you have that they might like!


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