Rocket Science – WineMatch Publishes Wines on Release Date!

It’s so funny to look at the current rating model sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, it served its purpose and well, as did Zodys, Kmart, White Front, BlockBuster, Mervyn’s and countless others. They do have one thing in common. They were too slow to see that change was-a-coming! A few retailers like Sears and Target ‘got it’ and that is why they are still here today.

At WineMatch, we actually believe that our clients, both consumers and wineries,
need to be served better than ever before. It’s not just for our survival, but for theirs as well. Let’s review the data upon us!

Current Rating Models: A winery submits a wine to WS and begins to hold its collective breath, turning as blue as, well, Blue Nun. You wonder if your wine, your grape-child, will ever grace the overpriced pages or web site of the raters. Others, such as WA, go on their own schedule for efficiencies sake (not the Japanaese wine), getting fairly thorough on a region by region basis. Personally, I find more value in the latter as I can mentally note region/vintage and it helps me in the restaurant if one of my bellwether wines aren’t there.

What is Wrong: These scenarios serve the writers and critics more than the wineries, or for that matter, the consumer, who have differing points of view.

Consumer View: “I am not seeing all the wines I know have been released, and often times by the time I do locate it in a rating publication, it is no longer available. Plus, you show me wines I might want if I am able to discern the DaVin code, but you don’t tell me how I can get it.” At best, it’s a mixed blessing. It’s a bit like getting a raise, then getting home to find your dog ate your $200 Justin cowboy boots and your daughter needs braces. Ouch!

The Four Distinct Scenarios from the WineMaker’s View are as follows:

“I  just released the wine a month ago and sacre-bleu, I just got whacked with an 85! Man, this is going to hurt more than taxes. Hope I don’t get cut out of Dad’s will for this one. Quick, hide the family jewels!”

“I released the wine some 10 months ago and now I get an 85! Although I am jumpin’-for-joy happy I was able to move most of the product before the grim reaper rating came out, it’s gonna hurt my reputation. Probably should stay out of public places for a while. Talk about dodging a bullet!”

“I just released my wine and I knocked it out of the park and got a 95! Simply put, either I should be president or a Greek God, including the toga. I will sell out and need to try to maintain that level for next year, harvest conditions providing!” By the way, this is the ONLY winning scenario.

“I released the wine 10, count ‘em, 10 month ago and NOW they give me
a 95! It would have really helped cash flow to have that rating 10 months ago!
Am I really supposed to thank someone here?”

WineMatch Coincides with Winery Release Date. Look folks, the wineries rule supreme here with 100% certainty, not the one in four scenarios as outlined above. As you folks are always releasing wine, we wait until we have a flight’s worth of the same varietal/blend, then profile and publish the wines. We GUARANTEE publishing within 30 days and if you’re comfortable that your wine is stable and release-ready, send it to us 30-days before and we will publish on the EXACT SAME DATE, maximizing your outfacing exposure and help add to the hoopla of your newest addition into the market! Toga, toga, well, you get it!

Folks, being in the ag business, you put in countless hours at zero dollars per hour. Given that, isn’t it fair to expect those making money off your wines are folks that are on the ball and represent them for what they are, not what they’re not? At WineMatch, we’ll get the word out Day One!

Gotta blast off! 


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