Ten Worst Wines of 2010 – Really?

What the heck? Why would anyone in their right mind even think of doing that? That’s just not nice – period! You know what, we agree!

Things like people and wines are probably misrepresented or misunderstood more often than not and often, it ends up being our ultimate loss. Remember this – you can’t tell a book by its cover! But how many times have we all been surprised by someone we didn’t think we would like, but then once we got to know them, we really liked them. It’s simply because we cut through the appearance and got to what is truly important- substance!

Let’s start with the ‘people’ example. Think about it. Guys, let’s go back to High School days – gals, bear with me here. In high school, a ‘ten’ would likely be a girl with certain features, mostly physical ones like hair, eyes, build, face and even what she wore. Yes, it was shallow and really did not represent the entire person as so many other aspects were never considered. It was easier to gaze and judge from a distance than get serious about the entire person. Face it, when we were sixteen we knew it all, right?

Fast forward and I’m another 30 years older (and way better looking). First off, where did the time (and hair) go? Ok, now let’s see what a ‘ten’ is now. OMG, it’s way different from this vantage point! I am actually going to tell you something about this person you cannot tell from a distance. She has to be an honest person with integrity, trustworthiness, ethics, her heart in the right place, got my back, a loving mother and wife, believes in me, and is pretty. Ok, now I have a picture in my mind, but I had to get up close and personal to get this information. By the way, I got so close on this one I have two daughters 🙂

Now let’s move on to the wine example.
Giving wine a single number is truly a disservice to the industry it serves. Yeah, I know we all want the ‘short’ version, but one ‘number’ not only does not fit all, but does not tell you anything about the wine, especially the substance. It can be one person’s opinion, a few folks’ opinions, but unless you do your homework, you’ll never know. And frankly, who has the time?

What if someone invented a system where ‘bad speak’ through low numbers and often inconsistent and misinterpreted single number ratings went away and characteristics of wine were displayed in a simple-to-interpret format? Well, it’s your lucky day and here’s the point going back to the title. I could actually go through WA, WE and WS, look at the scores and come up with what the critics think are the ten worst wines. But what meaning would this list have? Let’s examine the net effect.

Wineries – Sales for wineries making these wines would definitely get hurt, not to mention your reputation. Heck, anyone can have a bad year. I have had a few myself but folks still love me. It could be because of frost, weather, a custom crush gone bad, storage issues and on. But let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water here!

Consumer – Hopefully from a memory perspective, most folks are not like me. I remember car license plates from when I was a kid in the 60’s like SQU 784 – my dad’s 66 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88. Although I don’t consciously try to remember them, my brain just won’t let them go – probably one of my many defects. Anyways, if you read these raters’ publications, and you see a 70’s score for a wine, you almost cringe and want to know who the poor folks are that got this beating. If you feel badly, imagine how they must feel!

At WineMatch we get up close and personal with the wine and share what is verified to be true to paint a picture (on the WineMatch Profile Wheel) of what we believe this wine represents in the area of major characteristics. No single number could ever do a wine justice any more than it could for a person. Multiple wine data sources like sensory, chemistry and winery data are all sanitized and verified before presenting to the consumer. Then, wines with similar characteristics are matched and then, and only then, relevant and desired data regarding similar wines in addition to related deals and events are pushed out to the consumers. How about them grapes?

Here there are no bad wines, just different ones. Some wines you like a lot, others not so much. Same with people. WineMatch can help you with the wine ones!

And by the way, you still need people to open the wine!


About misteredwine

Owner of WineMatch.com, Roundbrix.com, love wine, horses, things done right, my three girls and two boys, Paris and most things French, technology that works, Rogue River Blue Cheese, a day off!
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