Top 10 Reasons to Join WineMatch!

At the end of these long and often tiring days, I have to ask myself the same question you ask yourself when presented with WineMatch’s value proposition while sipping my glass of red or a tooth-cracking cold Blue Moon. Why would I do it?

WARNING: Before you answer that question, have these thoughts in mind and a cold one in hand.

1. Is there anyone really helping represent all my wines and my winery?
2. Is there anyone that helps market my wines, without looking for a few bucks from each bottle in return?
3. Is there anyone that is representing wines in a non-100 point system win/lose scenario?
4. Does anyone help push my wine information to Social Media when it’s published so people know about my wines?
5. Is there anyone trying to educate consumers?
6. Can anyone introduce my wines to people that like similar wines?
7. Is there anyone that can push deals on my wines and target it to consumers that like similar wines – and for free?
8. Is there anyone that lets consumers that like my wines know about my events – and for free?
9. Does anyone out there publish my wine to coincide with my release date?
10. Can anyone work as a true partner to help me market my wine better?

Alright, now that the gauntlet has been thrown down, I am going to ask you one more questions and here it is. “Do you feel that every rating being done can create a winning scenario for your wines?” At WineMatch, it’s all about representing the wine and winery for what they are, not what they aren’t. There is no negative speak here, just wine. Without further adieu, here’s my Top Ten list of why you should join WineMatch:

I Thou shalt make sense on every level
II It shall not take much hourglass time (3 minutes per wine)
III Thine cost shall be minimal at $100 or less per wine (and the first one is always free!)
IV Thy entire wine-drinking kingdom shall benefit
V Thou shalt represent all your wines and your winery
VI Thou shalt maximize your outfacing exposure
VII Thou shalt integrate facebook, twitter and RSS feeds for all wines
VIII Thou shalt place a fully qualified value proposition for your wine in front of a highly-qualified consumer – yes, really!
IX Thine wines shall be published on their release date (not a miracle!)
X Thou shalt not speak ill of thy wine by using the 100-point system

This day in age, one must consider all the factors when entertaining something new. I believe that WineMatch is a better and further-reaching tool than so many others – without a downside. It’s current in look, feel and appropriate the proper use of current technology and social media. And we’ve only just begun.

The newer consumer demographics demands you provide them with more information and they will make the judgment call. They are smart, know what they want and like, and want a deal on it.

Time to get on the chariot, the WineMatch chariot!
Can I get an Amen?


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