Wine is Multi-Faceted – Really!

Multi-faceted. That’s is what I am. In fact, so are you, the diamond you gave your loved one, your phone bill, what you drive, your pets, and so many other things have more than a single side. Given that, why give something that can be so multi-faceted like wine a single number? When someone asks you about a friend, do you say “he’s a 7”, “she’s a 9”? If you did, it would be considered shallow. Why should it be any different with wine?

The time is now to understand that the purpose of the 100-point system has run its course. It was a super first point of reference. But now we have computers, mobile devices, and are able to validate and quantify more wine characteristics than ever. Looking back, I remember when I was a kid in the 70’s working on cars, I would cut the handle off a screwdriver and put it in a drill motor and use it as a power driver. I thought I was brilliant! Sure it required a ‘special touch’ and had no torque limit where you had to choose between twisting your arm beyond a reasonable rotation or stripping out the screw head. But it is what we had back then. But we’re just not ‘back then’ anymore, we’re here.

Here means iPhones, Droids, iPads, Xooms (Android-based), Social Media, Groupon, social media, web sites. The key does not lie solely in what you do, but how you do it. What I am talking about is intelligent integration and with the economy recently having tanked, we have re-calibrated.

It means we need value and often times it includes a deal. In short, the day of the deal is here. Want more proof? Costco, love ’em. First 20 years – no problem. Now, I get e-mail on deals, coupons books in the mail for more deals, for both in-store and online only deals. They have increasingly put their wares in front of us because it is what works. Part of it is real, the other part perception – stay with me here.

If someone says “Let’s Make a Deal” you might get a little excited that there’s an opportunity of limited availability and if it’s something you want – and you have the coin – you’re in. But it REALLY has to be DEAL. So many items I have seen on sale at one store, are available at another store – not on sale – for less! This creates a funk in how consumers feel about you. The key is to largely control how your brand is being sold to prevent from being undersold.

At WineMatch, we present all the facets to the consumer. We present not only the many different sides of wine with data provided and verified from multiple sources, but also present the deal so the consumer can see all the facets of the value proposition!

I think I can hear Monty Hall now!


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