Wine Matching – The New Horizon

A lot of folks will give you a wine with a single number, or descriptors like asphalt or tobacco which must really turn newbies onto wine. The conversation goes like this:

Dudette: Dude, did you try out this 92 with tobacco and asphalt?
Dude: Don’t you remember I gave up smoking and driving fast, Dudette?
Dudette: Silly, I am talking about a wine.
Dude: I totally knew that, but exactly why would a cool dude like myself want to drink a wine that taste like the road and smoking?
Dudette: They did give it a 92 out of 100 points.
Dude: Explains where the other 8 points went, ha ha ha.

Besides the Venus and Mars piece here, imagine the newbie wine drinker. They tried a dozen wines, liked three of them out of a dozen and are probably willing to try more, but what is critical to their adoption of wine is what I call a “hit to miss ratio“. In laymen’s terms, how many times am I going to dump the wine, not to mention the mula I paid for it, before I find this an utter waste of both time and money? If a friend has very similar tastes, they might be able to help one other, but what if Dudette moves away? Look, they are probably willing to try ‘”more like ones they like” but how exactly do they find those wines?

Alas, if when learning to drink wine you did not take copious notes to figure out what you like and dislike in a wine, but can remember the wine you had, the answer can be found at We’ve been called the Pandora for wine, a dating service for wines, among others. Point is, if there’s a better way, it’s at least worth a try, especially if it does not cost Dude any mula. Surely the word ‘free’ is in both Dude and Dudette’s vocabulary and budget – and in a whole lot of other folks’ as well.

WineMatch has a high-technology matching engine that combines multiple sensory (more than one person evaluating the wine), chemistry and winery data and creates a “wine fingerprint“. From there, we simply match wine fingerprints with a close resemblence on sixteen to twenty points of matching. It’s that simple – Really.

Look, not many outfits will actually go out on a limb and say “if you like this wine, you will VERY likely like that one“. We’re willing to go out on a limb as we get a lot of feedback saying “Cool, this thing works“. This is complemented by wineries supporting this system.

Sometimes, you really do have to reinvent the wheel. The WineMatch Profile Wheel (r) that is!


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