Winery Data Normalization and Syndication – It’s About Time!

As we go around the country with our WineMatch Road Show, we hear a lot of the same input from many wineries. With some twenty plus stops under our belt, the numbers and amount of input are both significant and clear. And once we hear the same thing from multiple wineries in various regions, it validates the need for additional functionality to better serve domestic wineries. Although most wineries love our system at WineMatch, they dread the thought of having to input into yet another system – and I don’t blame them one iota! Every time I buy something online, I am inputting the same information into everybody’s system. The question begs, “Why can’t I create a data source, then share it at my discretion? ” Well, you can and you will. Let’s review the two governing concepts here.

First thing to understand is ‘data normalization’. This simply means that instead of a piece of data, say ‘Wine Fanciful Name’ like Flora Springs’ Trilogy‘ being input into a number of database tables, it resides in single database table and only in that table. All other areas that need this ‘Wine Fanciful Name’, simple query the table for the name Trilogy. If it’s wrong, it’s wrong everywhere, but if it’s correct, it’s correct everywhere. Also bear in mind if it was wrong, you would only have to fix it in one place. Normalized data keeps databases fairly tidy and prevents data inconsistencies, which are called “Dirty Data”, which prevent data from being used by multiple sources with true integrity.

At WineMatch, data syndication is a “this year” thing that has risen up on our list, just behind a couple other items. As we collect data on wineries, wines, events and deals, this only makes sense, but the key is to ALWAYS allow wineries to control their own data. What if when sharing data with us, a winery could also decide to share with others? If you want to see a successful data syndication model, the Real Estate MLS (Multiple Listing Service) system rises to the top. In this example. one or more persons gathers and enters data from multiple sources for the world to see and allows distribution according to specificity of local demand and company information distribution policies.

This reality is just around the corner. In fact, the data that folks have been entering into our system will be available for them and other sources wineries authorize. Allow me to explain. We call it WineMatch Information Fact Exchange, or WIFE for short. My wife likes this acronym! A winery will soon be able to build their website, and pull their formatted variable data directly from WineMatch, so we can largely leverage our ‘back end’ for the benefit of wineries. A winery wll also be able to authorize some or all data to be shared with some or all folks. When it comes to your variable data, the winery needs to be in control so it does not find its data in the wrong hands! We’re not just expert at wine analysis, we’re also expert on the data and security end of things as well for more than twenty years. WineMatch runs in a High Availability data environment so you’ll always be able to count on us!

In summary, simply envision inputting data into one system, and then sharing it out. Everybody gets the exact same data via XML (Extended Markup Language).

After all, sharing is good for all and saves folks time and money, but it has to be sharing of data that benefits all to keep commerce flowing like a great glass of red!

Speaking of that glass of red, I must be going!

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2 Responses to Winery Data Normalization and Syndication – It’s About Time!

  1. TimO says:

    Will you also provide data syndication of your wine profile data? This is something I’d be keenly interested in. Please contact me if you’d like to discuss.


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