Simplicity is Key in Creating a Wine Deal

Like so many of you, I love deals on wine. I am stumped at times when a basic principle is lacking from the structure of most of these deals from the consumer perspective. That principle is “Keep it Simple So I Know What I’m Getting for What I’m Spending“. Yeah, it’s a bit of a mouthful, but it’s entirely true. Stay with me on this one.

I see deals like “6 bottle for $99 plus shipping” or “25% off plus shipping” or “15% off a mixed case”. These types of deals turn me off. Here’s why. I need to know “What I’m Getting for What I’m Spending” in a simple equation. I don’t come home after 10-12 hour days to take out a calculator to figure out a winery deal by totaling up the cost for the wine, the percent off including different prices for a mixed box, tax, and shipping costs. I just want to know exactly what I am getting for my money. It’s really that simple.

Here are a couple examples of deals I would bite off on. First one is “6 bottles of our 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon including Shipping to the contiguous 48 states for $149 plus tax“. You see, we’re all used to adding tax when we go to Costco, right? So this is no more thinking than usual. I know exactly what I am getting and for how much. Here’s another easy deal “A case of our 2011 Sauvignon Blanc including Shipping for $99“.

We can do the math on tax, but wineries, please don’t create deals that have us look up retail, take a percent off of that, hunt down what shipping will cost and add tax. This is way too much work fo fill my waiting glass. I want your best and simplest value proposition right out of the gate because I thirst for wine. Remember, I too had a long day and if you have a deal I can put my arms around as easily as my loved ones, I’m yours and I might even ‘friend‘ you. Otherwise, it’s “deletesville” for your proposition.

Folks, I help with my kids’ math, I do the banking, run a half dozen servers, review my paycheck, calculate taxes for home and business, and whenever I buy a high-ticket (> $1,000) item, I do the math as tax and delivery may cut into the value of the deal. So please don’t make me beg like a dog to get the straight scoop, nice and easy! I’m just not THAT into math! But I am into drinking great wine for a great price. So show me something that makes it easy for me to say “yes“.

Remember, we want a deal, but we’re a lot more open if wineries keep it simple! Woof!

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