Wine World of Hit and Miss!

I take care of things – I really do. When I turned in my lease car after three years of Audi driving pleasure, all the leasing company could get me for was one small marginal, yet buffable scratch.  Funny thing is, the lease return inspector said “your car is basically perfect, but if I don’t write something up, they won’t think I am doing my job!” As I have fifty years behind me now, less and less takes me by surprise. The inspector did ask me “how did you miss getting door dings?”  I let him know my simple, yet effective strategy in a nutshell. After all, it’s nice to have a nice car, but it’s nicer when it stays that way for as long as possible.

1)      Don’t ever park next to 2-door cars as their doors are longer and heavier.

2)      Don’t park next to trucks. Usually folks that have trucks also lug around larger items and they can accidentally hit your car.

3)      If you are in a spot tighter than you like between two cars, park closer to the car to the left to hedge the bet. It is 100% certain that the care came with a driver, but only 30% or less of the time is the driver accompanied by a passenger, necessitating the need.

4)      Stay out of parking lots that have tried to squeeze out every space, but use ones like Costco, where volumes of everything, including individual parking spaces are plentiful.

5)      Beware of shopping carts and whether you are uphill or downhill. I try to find a place where there is a sole cart that plan to use as my own and ensure I am not in a low spot where carts tend to become self-propelled.

This is my world of ensure that I MISS those opportunities to ding up my ride. But when I want to increase my hit-to-miss ration for selecting wine, I go to Here’s is why.

1)      I am keenly aware that gathers a ton of data on wine.

2)      I know that multiple sensory and chemistry data are combined, giving a more balanced look at all the wine characteristics.

3)      I know that they match on 16-20 points and no one else even comes close.

4)      WineMatch does not employ a single number system and recognizes wine is a multi-faceted product and represents it as such.

5)      I also know that wineries that show their wines on WineMatch acknowledge there is a better way to represent wines.

6)      Wineries have deals on and it’s not only a great place to connect with the winery, but you now the winery stores and ships the wine properly.

7)      I like receiving packages.

Ok, maybe the “receiving packages” thing is something that only I like. As a young kid, I remember waiting for the special cereal toy that I would get after coercing my parents to buy excessive boxes of cereal. All this so I could get something special like a submarine powered by baking soda and vinegar.

In the wine world as in the real world, we look to increase our hit-to-miss ratios of what we like. As we get older, it gets more important as our time and money becomes more finite. You don’t see a movie with an actor you don’t care for more than twice before you go “enough already” and move on. UYou know what you like and when you ADD TO FAVORITES at, we know what you like as well and we promise to “only send you wines like wines you already like”. After all, if you find a deal on something that you don’t end up liking, is it really a deal?



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